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Trauma Serviced


Surgeries performed

Our Service Types

International Private Companies

Local and Public Companies

Humanitarian Cases

Ways to serve

Take this opportunity to have one of the most meaningful experiences of your life.

We have short-term and long-term service opportunities open for application. We are interested in retaining the best talent. If you are interested in giving back and want to make a difference, now is the time to act.

You can participate in surgical campaigns and/or humanitarian outreach while having the pleasure of taking care of some of the most amazing international staffers posted in Juba.

If you are a Surgeon, Medical Doctor or NP/PA our mission must be considered. We are serious about valuing your training and experience. We provide a full stipend, room/board, and travel related expenses to assure you have one of the most meaningful experiences of your life.

What makes us better?

Highest Level
of Patient Care

  • Outstanding medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Treatment at a multi-specialty fully functional medical center

Global Patient Services

  • Assistance with financial arrangements
  • Be with you through every stage of your care

Save Time

  • Western-trained medical professionals
  • Language assistance for you through our bilingual staff

Our Leadership

Charles Linderman

Co-Founder and Director

Leads MRDCi leadership team. Over 22 years of surgery and trauma experience in Europe, USA, and Africa.

Paula Dickey

Regional Director
East Africa

30 years experience in Africa, Eastern Europe, Former Soviet Union, in the administration of humanitarian relief work, and medical services provider.

Entela Shehu

Country Director Albania

Prestigious experience NGO management and development.

Our Locations

Tirana | Southeast Europe

We also provide company medical services to corporate business, Diplomats, Internationals, Nationals, and industrial compliance with State and VKM governmental regulation.  

Kosovo | Southeast Europe

We make global medical support possible though supporting ES&H in major industry and the corporate compliance.

South Sudan | East Africa

We provide 24/7 medical/surgical care to the International and domestic communities in Juba. We provide personal support and are capable of handling Level I trauma. 

Mission Statement

By enrolling in the MRDCi you allow a Not-for-Profit service to grow and develop. Your dollar goes to not only assuring that you and your organization get the best possible medical care, you participate in something that transforms the world.