Welcome to the CoVid19 Application

After 4 months of coordination with the National Laboratory, the MRDCi is happy to bring PCR CoVid19 testing to Juba.

By clicking ‘next,’ you will be walked through the necessary questionnaire required by the National Laboratory. A unique number and Q.R. code will be generated for each instance of your testing. This will allow you to confirm the validity of the results and reduce the risk of a clerical error. By using the digital platform, human error is diminished & allowing the easier transfer of oversight data to the National Laboratory.

Once completing the three steps, please bring your sample document to the MRDCi (with the payment of the calculated cost). The form can be presented from your smartphone or as a printed PDF.

You should receive your results in 24/48 hours. Emergency Expedited testing is available at an added cost.

We are thankful for the following entities that made this testing possible:


  • The Ministry of Health
    • The Honorable Minister Elizabeth Acuei Yol
    • The Honorable Undersecretary Professor Mayen Achiek
  • The National Laboratory
    • Lul: National Public Health Laboratory (N.P.H.L.)/National Blood Transfusion Services (N.B.T.S.)
  • The WHO
    • Andrew Baguma | Senior Laboratory Consultant
  • The C.D.C.
    • Sudhir Bunga, M.D., DrPH., M.B.B.S. | Country Director
  • Sponsors (Thank you)
    • The N.G.O. Forum
    • Petronas



linderman M.D., FACS